Switch: Reset – One Beat, One Us, One Vibe: A Benefit for Team Hardkor

Come Check out Caustic & Adam Lee & BHG @ Barfly.

Switch: Reset – One Beat, One Us, One Vibe: A Benefit for Team Hardkor

Barfly & The Loft
711 Hennepin Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

… Brought to you by OneVibe Productions, with help from Subsonic Sound, Bass Freak Productions, TC GoGo’s and You.


When I initially began planning this event in my head, it was simply going to be my rendition of a Switch Thursday at Barfly. One that conveniently fell on my 27th birthday. My birthday is no longer the point of concern in throwing this event, it has been replaced by something far more important than celebrating one more year of badassary.

Many of you are familiar with Hardkor Nate and his wife Anni. For those of you who are not, they were, for a long time, prominent members in the Twin Cities EDM scene. Whether it was through DJing, promotions, friendship or mnvibe.com bickering, Nate and Anni affected many people’s lives in truly unforgettable ways, and continue to do so.

Although they currently call Denver, Colorado their home, they still come back to the mid-west for shows on a regular basis. The most recent trip back was for Sacred Earth: Open Air this past June. After an unnecessarily stressful trip from Denver, Nate and Anni arrived and had only been at the event for a few hours when Annie suffered a stroke.

She was taken to the hospital and treated. She is currently staying at her parents house in the TC metro area. She has been making progress. She will be returning to Denver this thurday to rejoin her husband, Nate. If you are her friend, you have likely exchanged Facebook messages or texts with her over the past week or two, and perhaps even got to see her out at Psychedelic Playground’s 12th Dimension campout last weekend. However, there is still a ways to go to full recovery.

One of the biggest obstacles that Nate and Anni now face is that insurance is not covering the bills incurred when Anni was hospitalized. These bills, in addition to their existing bills and Anni’s current inability to work, have become almost insurmountable. With nowhere else to turn they made a plea for help to their Friends via Facebook: (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=109523315805335) I am extending that plea to include everyone, regardless of your choice of musical style(s) or your relationship to Nate and Anni. The money from this event will specifically be earmarked for paying their rent while she recovers. The check will be written to Nate as Anni’s parent’s have taken conservatorship of her, so they will confiscate any money put in her name as she is not currently allowed to sign her name. Your help will ensure that she is able to stay in Denver where she truly wants to be.

When I came up with the concept of OneVibe Productions, it was with the slogan: One Beat, One Us: One Vibe. I wanted to project the idea of, and create shows to facilitate, a scene that, given the proper coordination and cooperation, had no genre barriers or guidelines. Events that brought pieces of all the crews together, in a single venue, to produce a cohesive whole. A place where everyone could find something that they enjoyed. One which loved the history but welcomed progression. One that respected those heads who paved the trail, who, in turn, welcomed and guided the new kids. A place where everyone can move to One Beat, feel One Love, and be part of One Vibe.

This event, from which ALL profits will be given to Anni and Nate(it will be put in a supplemental expense trust fund that Nate will administer), is exactly what I had hoped to create. The artists who are on the lineup bellow represent Sound In Motion, Konkrete Jungle, Hard Dance Nation, TC Dubstep, MINNEmassive, DC Productions, Psychedelic Playground, Hi-Jax, and many more, representing all genres of EDM.

Whether it is done independently by genre or under umbrella terms such as hard dance, techno, drum and bass, and dubstep, these groups and their events are invaluable to their respective genres, and the musical progression therein, they inherently cause some segmentation of the scene as a whole. Segmentation that does, has, and will continue to develop and foster stereotypes and superiority complexes across genre/psychosocial bounds. This segmentation, which is not, by any means, inherently bad, does weaken the scene as a whole over time. I don’t want to see that, do you?

Sometimes, we need to remember the beat of another drum pattern and reconnect with the rest of the scene. If we don’t, we become a weaker whole, easier to push aside one by one, and we lose our ability to aid those whom we care about. This is a perfect opportunity to stall that decay. A member of our family is in need of support from ALL of us. And it is up to each of us to choose to help. All of the artists below, none of whom have asked for compensation, have made that choice. The venue and the go go dancers have made that choice. The photographers, sound techs and lighting crews made that choice. And, I made that choice.

Will you?

For One Night, let’s dance in One Venue, sharing One Goal, as One Scene, hearing One Beat, feeling One Love, experiencing…

One Vibe.

With all that Utopian PLUR rambling out of the way… 😉 How about some details:

Music starts at 8pm on all 5 (yes, FIVE, stages) split between Barfly and The Loft and goes until 2am.

We will be accepting donations above the entry price if you have the flow to give a little more. If you are more comfortable making donations directly to Nate and Anni, you can certainly do so via paypal, just go to the following facebook page for details:


Standard issue Thursday night Switch prices:
$7.00 for 18+
$5.00 for 21+

Considering the lineup you are gonna see, well, it’s a GOOD FUCKING DEAL! 🙂 And if you are a fan of tag sets, well, this will be right up your alley!


Minneapolis, MN – Dubstep
Bass Freak Productions : Simplify Agency : www.facebook.com/dnbnostalgia

Andrew Hill, aka Nostalgia, was born in Two Rivers, Wisconsin on Valentine’s day 1990. He lead a very musical life learning piano, guitar, drums, voice, and Irish penny whistle (believe the hype). After winning numerous music awards and releasing the “Dark and Light” album in high school, Nostalgia went on to continue his music education at McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul, MN.

With only one more semester to go till a degree in Music Production, Nostalgia has already had several releases with labels such as: Betamorph, Elephat Beatz (self-label), and Play Me Too records with forthcoming releases on Chronos and other labels.

“Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Nostalgia dubstep remix)” was Nostalgia’s breakout track and is still one of his fan’s most loved songs (currently has over 2 million views on Youtube.) “The Hero EP” enjoyed a Beatport Dubstep top 10 slot with “The Hero” at no.3 and “Serious Coin” at no.11.

In the time of about a year, Nostalgia went from unknown to consistent headliner. A true producer AND dj, Nostalgia is an artist to watch for 2011.


Minneapolis, MN – House/Techno
Sound In Motion Owner/CEO

There is so much to be said about JT, his music, his promotions, and his impact on the Twin Cities dance music scene… He brings it every time he plays and never disappoints a crowd. But, for this show, he will be battling it out behind the decks with one of his own. An epic battle of House/Techno prowess and suave good looks, in his own words ‘I would love to beat up Ben (Clear) and rock it out to help support!’


St. Louis Park, MN – House/Techno
Sound In Motion

DJ Clear is in love—not with a stripper, but with house music. If you gave him the chance, he’d shout it from the rooftops, but you’re better off catching him behind the decks, working his special brand of four-on-the-floor magic. Even though Clear is a veteran of the Minneapolis dance scene, he’s hardly letting his relationship with the music slip into a pattern of lazy comfort. No, his passion for the pounding beat is unmistakable as he gets his whole body into the mix; shoulders lurching, hips rocking, and a pair of hands busy at work. His selections mirror his enthusiasm, picking high energy music for people that want to party until sunrise.

Starting out as an integral part of Teopelli Productions in 2001, Clear put in long days (and longer nights) of hard work to perfect his craft and make every event the best it could be. An early partnering with j. matthews (now a member of HotDish) formed duo Midnight Click, in which Clear expanded his lexicon of house music and became accustomed to playing a wide range of styles. Now, as a part of dance titans Sound In Motion, he has honed his sound to a bleeding edge, gravitating toward a grimy, funky sound that’s been known to inspire more than a few dancefloor freak-outs. Under the covers or on the decks, DJ Clear will make you scream for more.


Minneapolis, MN – Tech-Trance
benlime.com : dc-productions.net : navigationworld.co.uk

DJ/producer Ben Lime packs his sets full of propulsive rhythms, elegant melodies, and boundless energy. His selections range from pounding techno to epic trance, with every dynamic shift keeping the crowd excited and eager to hear where he will lead them next. Skill, taste, and unbridled enthusiasm make Ben Lime a performer to keep your eye on.


Minneapolis, MN – Clusterfuck of drunken noise.
dc-productions.net : One Vibe Productions : TundraPunks : Rapid Pulse Productions

No, it is not a four way tag set. It is a tag set between two people with schizophrenia. The first plays Happy Hardcore and Drumstep. The second plays Dubstep and Gabber. Don’t question it, just accept that it kicks more ass than Chuck Norris on amphetamines. Expect high energy music, from happy to filthy, and even higher amounts of energy from behind the decks. Its PMT’s birthday, so they are getting 2 full hours to destroy your ears and their livers. Frequency of successfully mixed tracks is directly proportional to the frequency of successfully mixed and consumed drinks. *WARNING* This mixing to liquor ratio also has an amplifying effect on their already hyper inflated egos. It would be wise to be cautious of challenging either or both in any way. Especially you Mary! *WARNING*


–MBC– vs. –Dev–
Minneapolis, MN – Drum & Bass
Konkrete Jungle

With a combined experience of over 5000 years these two Minneapolis dnb veterans know how to rock a party. The years spent honing their skills has granted them the ability to take a set in any direction the crowd desires. Expect dancefloor rockers, techy rollers and maybe some liquid smoothness (for the ladies, of course).


Minneapolis, MN – Drum and Bass
soundcloud.com/ckelly0729 : facebook.com/deadcosmonaut

Dead Cosmonaut has been behind the decks since the tender age of 15 when he was banging out hip hop hits for anyone who would listen. At age 18, he first heard drum & bass at Konkrete Jungle Minneapolis. Since then drum & bass has become an addiction. He soon became a resident for the popular online radio show “Minnemassive” and has recently picked up the MIDI controller and started producing his own tunes. No matter the time or the place Dead Cosmonaut is guaranteed to rock a crowd. Expect top notch selections of all varieties of drum & bass put together in a way that you will only hear from him. Reloads upon request!!!


Minneapolis, MN – Drum and Bass
facebook.com/Greensky612 : soundcloud.com/greensky612

Greensky is no stranger to the Midwest scene.. Whether it’s repping dnb to the fullest at Konkrete Jungle, shredding the mainstage of Bassgasm, or holding it down as part of the MinneMassive radio show every Monday, Greensky is always pushing the limits of techno influenced Drum and Bass. 3 decks, samplers, and utilizing new dj rigs are just some of the tools he has used to destroy dancefloors in recent years, but the truth is I don’t know WHAT he’s going to do next! At the top of his game as a DnB heavy hitter with 12 YEARS experience, there has never been a better time than NOW…. DO NOT MISS THIS! http://soundcloud.com/greensky612


Minneapolis, MN – Breakbeat
www.simshows.com : www.nsbradio.co.uk

Jeff has been a staple in the Midwest electronic music scene for over a decade now having played at events from Fargo to Chicago and from Duluth to Omaha. He’s been one of the driving forces behind the increasing popularity of breakbeat music in Minnesota and the surrounding states. His style is comprised mostly of various breakbeat sounds, including Funky, Acid, Progressive, and Nu-Skool Breaks. Keep your eyes open for Jeff Hunter at events around the Midwest. He’ll be out in force spreading the breakbeat sound.


Minneapolis, MN – Breakbeat
UncensoredUs : Flared Bass Collective (flaredbasscollective.org/)

Since picking up his first guitar when he was ten years old, Reverend Zed a.k.a. House of Zed has had a long and storied passion for music. Over the last three decades he’s been a jazz and rock musician, DJ, recorded & produced bands, and just about anything he’s had the chance try his hand at. After taking a long break spending an inordinate amount of time enjoying angry guitars, he turned his attention back to electronic music and began a journey trying to find a style that merged all of the various musical textures that had punctuated the soundtrack of his life to date. It was in breakbeat that he found a genre that pulled together his diverse and scattered musical influences. From jazz and blues, hip-hop, rock and roll, and unfortunate forays into top 40 – everything he had listened up to that point seemed to have a place. For Zed it was ADD heaven. Since then he’s played everything from basements to Burning Man. When he’s not slicing beats Zed works in a nondescript corporate cubical and volunteers as a Regional Contact for The Burning Man Project.


Minneapolis, MN – Psybreaks/Jungle/Booty
VitalCulture.com : Bak-Pak Productions : Tundra Punks

Creator of the online community Global Psybreaks (http://psybreaks.ning.com/), Minneapolis, MN native DJ and music promoter Bryan Spillum (DJ Skroller) is pioneering exciting new ways to expand your mind and move your body. His constant promotion of the psychedelic breakbeat genre has earned him much acclaim in the underground music world. His extremely versatile DJ sets are known to incorporate psybreaks, jungle, hard house, ghetto tech, and more… sometimes in the same session. Skroller’s sound is heavily influenced by evolving breakbeats, luscious vibes, and technical mixing prowess with special attention to what makes people move. Armed with exclusive tracks from various international producers, you won’t hear anything like it anywhere else in the world!


Minneapolis, MN – Drum and Bass
Hi-Jax Productions : TundraPunks

With a careful ear, technical skills and an ever growing music library of the hottest bangers and coolest melodies in the underground world you can expect Dj Oliver Twist to be on top of the Vibe. The only goal in his career is to keep the dance floor moving side to side. Whether in a high class club environment or the dirtiest of all night outlaw parties. Expect V.I.P mixes, vinyl only pressings, huge tracks and minimal melodies.


Minneapolis, MN – Electro/Breaks/Dubstep
Syncopated Productions

Undeniably one of the best DJ’s in Minnesota, Caustic is like a beat-seeking missile, homing in on all the funky, groovy, grimy and dubby sounds you love to hear. When asked about what makes his performances sound so distinctive he says: “I am really excited by classic EDM sounds and grooves that have been twisted in a new way. While I will always hold true to the 4/4 house beat, I refuse to segregate my sets into strictly one genre or another. I take what works and build on it, always looking for a way keep a connection to the past while fully embracing the sounds of the future.” Love him or hate him, you cant help but be captured by the energy and intensity of Caustic’s sets and stage presence.


Minneapolis, MN – Electro/Breaks/Tech-Trance/Trance/Psy/Fidget/Dub
High Frequency Productions : Rapid Pulse Productions : Psyintific Productions
http://soundcloud.com/dj-dark-jesus <----Free tunes!!!!!!!! Playing some of the funkiest EDM the Midwest has seen in years. This hot, up and coming DJ/Producer, will make your ears bleed in ecstasy! Starting with electro house, this maniac slowly works his way into breaks. Suddenly, as though a strike from the heavens themselves, the avalanche we call dub step flows into your mind. Soon you feel the bass tearing away to reveal leave you in a trance. This is one DJ you don't want to F*** with. **************************************************************************** --MONOLITH-- St. Paul, MN - Hardstyle Rapid Pulse Productions : Hard Dance Minnesota Eric Cardona a.k.a MONOLITH, has always liked the harder styles of music. Growing up listening to extreme music and eventually being drawn to Black, death, doom and hardcore metal. He eventually found his love for electronic dance music in 1998 when he attended his first EDM event. In no way giving up his love for the darker side of metal,he put it on the back burner as he delved deeper into the realm of HARD DANCE. MONOLITH has been destroying the dance floor for more than 10 years now, with styles ranges from Hardstyle and Gabber to Hard Trance and Hard Techno.. Get ready to DANCE! VS. --DEEP RAVE-- Minneapolis, MN - Hardstyle Neil 'the REAL DEAL' Mckenzie aka Deep Rave brings the hardstyle sounds with an emphasis on style. On point mixing and impeccable track selection combined with unbridled baddassery make for sets to get you stomping! **************************************************************************** --MARTYRS-- Minneapolis, MN - Dark/NeuroPsy Anomalistic : Cosmic E.g.g Martyrs is the duo of BrainRaider and Pistoff Christoff. Ripping reality into pieces in the Midwest and beyond, these two have become a force to be reckoned with during the dark hours of the night. You can always expect a highly psychedelically charged dj set from these talented and mischievous audio manipulators. Prepare yourself for a sinister medley of darkpsy, neuro-trance, space helmet, and freeform brainchaos. ***************************************************************************** --TERRA-- St. Paul, MN - Dubstep/Garage/Techno TC Dubstep On the decks and producing his own material for close to a year, Terra Riddim's sets encompass a variety of deep, dark and rhythmically driven Dubstep, Garage and Techno. With a track selection full of unreleased and promo material from various producers, as well as the latest releases currently pushing the UK Bass music scene forward, you can expect to hear tracks and styles unfamiliar to most local heads. ***************************************************************************** --QUOCEANT aka Scotty-- (LIVE) Minneapolis, MN - Chilled out ambient dubstep One Vibe Production Smooth sounds with bangin beats; genre boundry shattering melting pot of intense butterlicious grooves. or something like that. guaranteed to please all types of listeners. ****************************************************************************** --SERIOUS B-- Minneapolis, MN - Happy Everythingcore http://seriousb.com/ Manipulating audio waveforms in pursuit of maximizing dancefloor delight. VS. --NATO-- Apple Valley, MN - Drum n Bass/Happy Hardcore/Breakbeat Hardcore Shit's hot! featuring MC Obliquity on the Golden Mic! ****************************************************************************** --DARK MATTER-- Minneapolis, MN - Facemelting Dark Psytrance Independent ***************************************************************************** --GENOME-- Minneapolis, MN - Acid Techno (Live) ***************************************************************************** --TRACKIN-- Inver Grove Heights, MN - House/Techno ***************************************************************************** --BHG-- Minneapolis, MN ***************************************************************************** --ACCEL-- St. Paul, MN - Dubstep TC Dubstep ***************************************************************************** --Ancient Fruit-- (LIVE) Duluth, MN - Experimental/Electro/Dubstep Northlands keeper of the new form "Didge-step". ****************************************************************************** --Scritch & Suspicion-- Minneapolis, MN - Old skool dubstep/Dubstep One Vibe Productions And, there are still a few spots TBD... In addition to the music at this event, we are working out the details to do a live feed of the headliners to and from another benefit show being organized by Hardkor Nate ( taking place several states away...) at the same time as this one. More details on this will be announced as we work out the details. The always amazing TC GoGo's girls will be in full effect all night. Very big thanks to them for offering their services not only in the form of dancing, but also working as a street team and pre show promotions. Want to help out? Send a message to punkmastertechs@gmail.com. We welcome anyone who has something to offer to this event. Painters, body art, decor assistance, anything at all that will add to the experience. Don't miss out on this one. Not only is it a good cause, but it is also a stellar deal for the lineup provided. The details, one more time: Barfly and The Loft 711 Hennepin Ave S Minneapolis, MN Thursday, September 8th 2011. $7 for 18+ $5 for 21+ 5 stages, two levels, nonstop awesome. Music from 8pm to 2am. Good vibes only!!! The promoters and the venue owners reserve the right to eject anyone, at any time without refund. PLUR and ROAR will be in FULL EFFECT, Respect each other, respect yourselves and respect the venue. Timeslots: Area 1 (Loft) 9:00-10:30 - Deep Rave vs. Monolith 10:30-11:30 - Genome 11:30- 1:00 - Jack Trash vs. Clear 1:00- 2:00 - Ben Lime Area 2 (Loft) 9:00-10:00 - NRG1 10:00-11:00 - Dark Jesus vs. Caustic 11:00-12:30 - Jeff Hunter vs. Rev. Zed 12:30- 2:00 - MBC vs. Dev Area 3 (Loft) 9:00-10:00 - Serious B ft. Obliquity 10:00-11:00 - Nostalgia 11:00-12:30 - Dead Cosmonaut vs. Greensky 12:30- 2:00 - PunkMasterTechs/Syncopate vs. The Gabber Jihad/Johnny Foreplay Area 4 (Barfly) 9:00-10:30 - Skroller vs. Oliver Twist 10:30-11:30 - Dark Matter 11:30- 1:00 - MARTRYS 1:00- 2:00 - BHG Area 5 (Barfly) 9:00- 10:00 - Quoceant (LIVE) 10:00-11:00 - Ancient Fruit (LIVE) 11:00-12:00 - Accel 12:00- 1:00 - Terra Riddim 1:00- 2:00 - Trackin

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