Fir Coat Album Release! Public Event · By Brock Thompson

Announcing the forthcoming album from Fir Coat ~
9.15.12 @ 9:15 P.M.

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“Desquortia” is an original work by creator Brock Marshall Thompson. An unfettered synth-heavy stream of consciousness journey packaged as a track collection of expressive ear candy. Dreamy and eerie, bright and dark, numinous and twisted, it challenges convention, yet re-explores themes inspired by EDM, IDM, Glitch/Trip-Hop/Pop, Chiptunes/Video Game Soundtracks, and a grab-bag of minuscule zany influences from Björk to Zappa.

“Great tunes for those who get bored easily. Weird and maybe not for everyone, but you may know someone who would enjoy it. Especially at such a bargain price!”

“Music for the times, retro-futuristic whacktronica.”

“Unique moods and puzzling audio conundrums.”

“An interesting companion to any studio artists, like painters, sculptors, illustrators, wood-shops, jewelers, glass blowers, designers, writers, programmers, etc.”

“…no self respecting artist likes name dropping, but it helps guide an unknown audience to at least a clue of what to expect when reaching into another new artists catalogue. That said, if you like Squarepusher, Amon Tobin, Luke Vibert/Wagon Christ, Boards of Canada, Plaid, Tipper, Orbital, Autechre, µ-ziq, Aphex Twin, Ovuca/Astrobotnia/Aleksi Perälä, and the like—:

For years Fir Coat has been an ongoing outpouring of creative novelty, but due to typical artist issues {perfectionism and procrastination being the chief inhibitors) not one album has been officially released. Currently the back catalogue is immense, but excuses aside SOMETHING has to happen for anything else to follow.

The creation of this album was from the conception meant to break apart the artist’s own inner critic and make art for the sake of making art, sharing whatever the end result was regardless of the outcome. It takes a certain kind of bravery to fully prop open that kind of door into the imagination in the first place, and a whole lot more bravery to invite others to experience what you’ve found on the other side. Especially knowing that it is unconventional.

In a world where force-fed cookie-cutter culture is dished up on the daily (and some of that is actually pretty good too), it takes a Dyonisiac dream to shake apart consumer demand and offer something totally different.

The artist would LOVE to have his work sounding tip-top and as professional as possible, but must start somewhere, and that happens to be in a humble project studio in his apartment.

Made on a MacBook w/2gigs RAM, with Ableton Live 6, MiniMonsta, few other softsynths, and many free to download shareware plug-ins, a touch of Izotope’s/BT’s Stutter Edit, and lots of hours goofing off with many software toys. M-Audio Axiom 61, Digidesign M-Box 2 Pro, Fender Squire Acoustic/Electric Bass.
This album collection wil be sold as is UNMASTERED but mixed and EQed to the best possible sound. Anyone purchasing the unmastered body of work is entitled to a FREE download of a later release of same material after MASTERING occurs. Sort of a concept and a return on investing in an artist you believe should be doing this professionally.

Track List
01) Gewlrudon
02) Cearboln Ectrapodem
03) Daeuomtic
04) Sleuther
05) Obliar Grintax
06) Sarva Ceportza
07) Kerosata Riviti
08) Phoelum Ozarglest
09) Pironemsk
10) Luwa Xieft
11) Sumraphe
12) Birionulte
13) Spranquelle
14) Mendulabos
60 mins
15) [untitled bonus track]
16) [untitled bonus track]
17) [untitled bonus track]
15 mins (estimated)


A link to a yet to exist account will be posted here on release day/time – for purchasing at the half price of $4.99 plus the additional bonus tracks


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