Hello My Name Is Bass Music! SinuouS Live 11-14-12

So due to request, here is a recording of some Bangers and Bass by Dj SinuouS. It has been a while since I put a new Electro mix up.
Mixed live for fun 11-14-12

1.Nero- Promises – skrillex remix
2.Knowlton walsh- cycledrome- utku s remix
3.Roy Gates- Bounce
4.Kung Fu Grip-Bass down low-dj exodus leewise remix
5.Dirtysouth thomas gold-Alive-tommy trash remix
6.Lazy rich-better wipe that up
7.Hirshee-Bang this
8.TJFX- Blaufunkt
9.yenn namnori- call it what you want- refracture remix
10. DJ Icey- Hold the pain
12.Marzetti-Killem again- Hirshee remix
14.tony anthem axl ender-Time Feat skibadee and lady chan-Duston holton remix
15.Bingo players- Lamour
16.Oneway-Summer mix
17.JFB- licence to wobble- kl2 breaks mix
18.Electric soulside- Trisco – Eric farias remix
19.Calvin Harris-feel so close – Nero remix


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