Kataklyzm Production Presents: VINYL VS CDJ’s 7-12 13

Another VFW event! If you havent been there yet you’re missing out! We have cheap drinks and these bartenders make the drinks strong. So none of that watered down bullshit. We have 2 stages of music, one vinyl, one cdjs and free food and water! Back door is used for the smoking area and free parking! There will be live art and a kandi table if you decide to take a break and sit down.


Sinuous – Classic Trance
Nick Twist – DnB
Photovore09 – Ghettotech
Purrmonster vs. SoSupreme – DnB


Sexual Vanilla – Electro Breaks
A Prairie Club Companion
Caustic – Electro House
NY Josh vs Mad With Science – Psy Vs. DnB


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