Kroyclub & Leathrface: @ The Loft W/ The Cosmic Egg crew = Hard Electro Vs Psytrance 7-26-2013

Yall ready for THE Hardest Most Destructive Electro to come to Minnesota?!?!?!?! They’re finally coming for their first appearance
Kroyclub & (LF) Leathrface (They Are Thrash Music)!!! Theres always been a saying that PsyTrance steals the show… Litch and & I think we found a duo just as unique and will give em a challenge… As we saw awhile back Dubstep gave none. We present to you for the first time ever in Minneapolis = Hard Electro Vs Psytrance at this 2 stage event!!! SubTrash&EarFuzz are teaming up with The Cosmic Egg crew to bring yall Pure 100% Underground Rage… NO TOP 40’s here!!! You wanna experience something new, different & straight life changing??? Come with an open mind and take your ears on journey like never before 😀 Room 1 is all about SawBazz and RAGE like you’re on P90X while pounding 2 NOS cans of MANERGY!!! We’re gonna drop the angry for 6 hours while stage 2 will take you into a new dimension of journey into sound. You will hit every emotion and every deep thought when you walk into their cave. Cosmic Egg is bringing out ALL THE DECO THEY’VE GOT and giving you the full effect!!! Stage 1… well… Expect intense… VERY. Tell everyone you know and get the word out cause its time for a change… it starts now BAM! See yall there!!! FREE COFFEE TILL 1AM!!! AND THEN BAM!!! MORE COFFEE AT THE AFTER PATY!!! BAM AHHH!!!
$10 presales $13 at the door
presales available at

++++++++Caustic Vs. SinuouS 1-2 ( The Return )++++++++++
>>>SinuouS<<< Syncopated Productions, Grime LAb Amore Cow, Ninja Radio Los Angeles, CA, Minneapolis, MN DJ SinuouS of Los Angeles, CA has been dropping cuts to make the dance floor jump for over a decade. His signature funky, bass heavy beats, make your soul groove and your feet move. Owner and front man of Syncopated Productions, and music maker at the Grime LAb, has made himself a staple in the EDM scene as a DJ and Promoter. Having residencies at G3 lounge San Francisco, 411 Club San Francisco, 1015 San Francisco, Ocean club Minneapolis, and owner operator of the 3rd floor Minneapolis to name a few. Hosting events such as “Rise”, “Reunion of distortion”, “Friday night fever”, “Moist”, and “Sound Sessions”. Keep your ears ready for the release of his digital record label "Amore Cow". -Like>

>>>Caustic<<< Undeniably one of the best Electro House DJ’s in the Twin Cities, Caustic is like a beat-seeking missile, homing in on all the funky, groovy, grimy and dubby sounds you love to hear. When asked about what makes his performances sound so distinctive he says: “I am really excited by classic EDM sounds and grooves that have been twisted in a new way. While I will always hold true to the 4/4 house beat, I refuse to segregate my sets into strictly one genre or another. I take what works and build on it, always looking for a way keep a connection to the past while fully embracing the sounds of the future.” Love him or hate him, you cant help but be captured by the energy and intensity of Caustic’s sets and stage presence. +++++++++++++++=KroyClub 12-1+++++++++++++++++ The musical project KroyClub consists of nothing but creative freedom. He can construct music from hard, heavy, dark ambiance; to beautiful, funky, melodic headphone music. You can hear his music in the Chiptune scene, Indie Hip Hop, Industrial Electro (Thrash), French House Disco etc. KroyClub is signed to Maehtrasher, he does official remixes for the label's artists and has released two solid EPs with them (History of War/D.N.T.). His most two recent albums Raw Rave 54 and Coke & Cigarettes are two perfect examples of what to expect! -Like>

++++++++++++++LeatherFace(LF) 11-12++++++++++++++
Founded in 2010, LEATHRFACE is a project created by Bryan Mazibuko. Bryan formerly from the duo “Crash&Craze” (Invisibles Records) had taken a musical step forward in focusing on his own career path in late 2011. Leathrface has built his concentration towards Industial/Thrash Electro genre. In 2010 releasing his Ep titled “Carnage” which was the #1 hit on “Trusthesound Records”. His “Carnage” Ep consisted of hand held recorded atmospheric Industrial and nature sounds with brutal bass lines. Remixes From Carnage includes Samuel Ietto, Ascilattor, & Knooper.

LEATHRFACE has remixed several Top Artist’s Q.G. (Dga Fau Records) Doc Trashz (Trouble & Bass) & Shax (Shax Trax).
Also released free originals “Origins & Endings” “Eat My bass” “Evolution” as for giving back to his crowd.

In the end of 2012 LEATHRFACE is currently on tour with friend & Business partner Kroyclub in south america primarly working on his biggest release yet. 2 Track Ep titled “Who Killed The Snake?” With huge remixers Kroyclub (Mahtrasher), Blood Eagle (Mahtrasher) Atlas (OMGITM) Zuksone (NoisePorn Records) being released with Partly owned Record label Industrial Addiction Records.

Influences : Proxy, Huotron, Boys noize, Danger, D.I.M., Ed Banger, Trumpdisco, Gtronic, Le Castle Vania, Clouds.

++++++++SubTrash&EarFuzz (Litch&NYJosh) 10-11+++++++++
——SubTrash & EarFuzz are two of the craziest DJ’s to come out of Minneapolis, MN. These two guys are high energy, off the wall and just know how to throw down the Hardest Electro the Midwest has to offer!!! SubTrash(Litch) knows how to drop the HZ at any show always making the subs work while EarFuzz(NYJosh), likes to take Fuzz noizes and blast them at your crainum with full POWER creating sound art that the brave can only handle! If you’re looking for DJ’s who have a great feel for crowds, high energy, outgoing personality, and is easy to work with, SubTrash&Earfuzz are your guys. You will NOT be disappointed. Come check these guys out anytime you see their name on a flyer; you’re sure to be impressed with their quick cuts, smooth blends, and artistic style of mixing. Be prepared for something different and make sure your system is ready to ROCK!!!

+++++++++++++Pete Rage vs Tisko 8-10++++++++++++++


+++++++++++++1-2 Genetik Anomaly+++++++++++++++ – (It’s a secret inside of your cellular structure.) Born into the darkness through the torment of conspiracy, neglect, and seclusion. Living one day at a time, turning into a mashed up nightmare of weeks, months, years, and decades. Toying with minds, evolving into many forms finding home in a twisted realm know to many as Psychedelic Trance. Stomping under the stars finding peace in the hypnotism of pounding bass, cortex shattering frequency’s, and eye splitting visuals. The past 7 years have been dedicated to producing my own crooked bone trembling take on a genre infamously referred to as Dark Psychedelic Trance. Bringing you amber waves of digital destruction sure to leave you breathless, abused, and exhausted. The warped and convoluted souls that feed on the darkness will not be disappointed. Let the blood curdling cerebral trauma begin!

++++++++++++++11-1230 Samyaza++++++++++++++
Samyaza – a name given to a rebellious soul cast down to earth. Samyaza’s music is channeled directly from the sacred ceremonies of a faraway alien homeworld and has been specifically created to open a path for the listeners’ spirit to reach the great multidimensional supercomputers of the universe. Once the portal has been opened, the seeker shall accept genetic data from M to reprogram and realign themselves with the universal grid.

+++++++++++++10-11 Transiant++++++++++++++++

++++++++++++++9-10 Weak Acid Movie+++++++++++++++++++

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>After Party<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DJ FlamE 2-3<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I'm a reggin from the back country. I was born to a widow who was engaged to my brother. One day I heard woodchuck chucking it's wood in the woods and BAM!!! Niggy... A BLACK BEAR came riding my brother and with the dew glistening in the grass @ 4am... I thought... I must converge with the sounds and B A DJ a... a... DJ Yeah ? Like totally now here I am &...... Yeah Like totally a raver... Like... Yeah ? PLUR Everyone 😀 PLUR to you, to me ? 2 PLUR!!! Stooooooooooooopid says Sam... < I know? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dark Jesus 3-4<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Music Producer at Noise Complaint Records, CO./Dj/Event Planner at High Frequency Productions and DJ at Rapid Pulse. This 22 year old DJ grew up in NE Minneapolis until High School. He then migrated North to a town called Coon Rapids, it is here that our young hero was introduced into electronic music. Benny Benassi, Scooter, DJ Dean, slowly he fell in love with the beats. What happened next was sure to change his life forever. A young man by the name of James hosted a show named Arctic Pulse in his mothers house. This would be the event to set the tone for years to come! This guy knows how to get the crowds moving by drooping rage and performing like no other around! Check him out and see for yourself 🙂 -Like>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>JohnnyForeplay 4-5<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Like>
Taking huge influence from his previous expeditions in music as “The Gabber Jihad,” Johnny Foreplay brings about a heavy-hitting darkside to the world of Dubstep. Inside his mixing you’ll hear touches of Hardcore Gabber, Dark Psytrance, IDM, and a multitude of other sonic components all blended together to create a neo-futuristic dark and heavy atmosphere.

Much of Foreplay’s creative spark while producing and DJing comes from his innate ability to mentally represent sounds as having particular shapes and sizes, a condition known as Synaesthesia. This odd take on music is used to send users on an adventure through various worlds whose textures and contours are shaped by harmony and rhythm.

Johnny was also the co-owner of the Minneapolis based rave production team Rapid Pulse Productions which was started by DJ Oblivi0n, himself, and a couple of their friends. Rapid Pulse has been responsible for some of MNs greatest all night parties and many club events as well. The crew has also had an amazing DJ roster over the years and helped some of MNs younger names out in their beginnings. Vaski, Oblivion, Lucy Luxe of Dirty Talk, and Martyrs are some of those people. Along with that he has also shared the stage with acts like Bare, Broken Note, Deadly Buda, Dieselboy, Mumblz, NiTGriT, Numbernin6, Smash Gordon, and Spree.

A live set from Foreplay is not one to be missed. As one friend put it he “brings enough energy to the decks to knock down a skyscraper.” Combining ridiculous stage presence with technical and harmonic mixing is where he has gained most of his recognition. He has also been mixing and producing for over 8 years now making him a surefire bet if you want to book an experienced and talented yet up and coming DJ.
Band Interests
Theoretical physics, trans-humanism, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics, debate, girls girls girls, PC gaming, FL Studio, StumbleUpon, and lots of pr0n.
Artists We Also Like
16bit/Broken Note, Culprate, Current Value, Datsik, DZK, Excision, Funtcase, Futuristic Sex Robots, Infected Mushroom, KOAN Sound, Liquid Stranger, Megalodon, Mu-Ziq, Numbernin6, Ophidian, Spor, Squarepusher, The Flashbulb, Vaski.

5-6am KroyClub Vs NYJosh In an all out Hard Electro showdown.

Vending = , Tree of Life ? Creativware , Macaroni Feather we will have wire wraps, some hemp and crystals to slang.
Equip/Lighting = PeteRage+ HIJax + Cosmic E.g.g.
Vids/Pics = Theoren La Roux
Sound= Venue
Live Painting by:Live art by: Odam Art, Butterflylily Vega


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