RAVE FOR A CAUSE! 10/5/2013 Underground! Feat. SinuouS and more!

MORE UPDATES!!! RAHHHHH WE NOW HAVE LADY SPARX on deck & waiting on a call back we may have JAFF ILLATION vs KANDI KID ASSASSIN!!! AHHHH!!! DOORS OPEN AT 7! 18+ 5$ cover for a night like no other!!! We got over 5k watts of sound, CDJ 2000 set up and deco thats a little out there

Speshul K 1am
Lady Sparx 8-10pm
Branden Brink 10-11pm
Brian Litch(SubTrash) VS Teddy Vadnais(Toxic Coon) 11-12am
Mason Dark-Jesus Packard 12-1am
Joshua Rae Sinuous1-2am
NYJosh/EarFuzz 2-3am
Jack JohnnyForeplay Denney VS Kyle Powers3-4am
Vyvian Looper(Luuli)4-5am


We need your help. We have come up short on rent due to circumstances beyond our control. 2 of our roomates got completely screwd by their boss by owing them $2k+ and skipping out of town. We’re turning to you for help

We want to party and dance and laugh and hug and smile and RAGE with all of YOU.

These two things equal: MAKE RENT DANCE PARTY!

$5 cover, additional donations accepted.

In asking this, I ask you to remember a time we made you smile. A time we lovingly let you crash on our couch, with a blankie and glass of cold water. A time you received a hug or kind words when they were needed most. We can’t do this without you!

There will be music and fun festivites provided all night! You know we appreciate quality people, music, and company. This is destined to be a night to remember!

Doors open at 8. Music starts at 9. Past 7am…

BE RESPECTFUL AND LEAVE YOUR BS OUTSIDE THIS HOUSE. YOU WILL BE DRAGGED OUT OTHERWISE. You ARE allowed to bring people but, they must know someone of this house or someone you trust and KNOW. THIS IS OUR HOME. 18+

Let us know if you can help or contribute in any way
We will be having a turbo WOP & it’d be awesome if everyone pitched in so we can have BILLIONS of WOPS!!! LASERS TO THE FACE!!! A kick azz sound sytem!!! DECKS and SO MUCH METH AHHHHHHHHHH Be hyper and ready to dance yo face off!!!
Love and Light!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Brain warping, Unique and COMPLETELY out of this world! IDK what to even write?!?!?!? JUST BE HERE IF YOU WANT BRAIN DAMAGE AND TO HEAR SOME OF THE RAREST MUSIC YOU’VE EVER HEARD!


DJ SinuouS of Los Angeles, CA has been dropping cuts to make the dance floor jump for over a decade.
His signature funky, bass heavy beats, make your soul groove and your feet move. Owner and front man of Syncopated Productions, and music maker at the Grime LAb, has made himself a staple in the EDM scene as a DJ and Promoter. Having residencies at G3 lounge San Francisco, 411 Club San Francisco, 1015 San Francisco, Ocean club Minneapolis, and owner operator of the 3rd floor Minneapolis to name a few. Hosting events such as “Rise”, “Reunion of distortion”, “Friday night fever”, “Moist”, and “Sound Sessions”. Keep your ears ready for the release of his digital record label “Amore Cow”.
Syncopated Productions, Grime LAb
Amore Cow, Ninja Radio
Los Angelles, CA


Entertainer, DJ/VJ, Producer, Masher,Remix Freak,Fistpump Headbutter,NOS in human form.
NYJosh/EarFuzz is one of the leading rare DJ’s spinning & Reppin’ Hard Electro/Thrash44/Psytrance/Bassline/IDM & Weird by twisting sawbass and using the crisp sounds of Psytrance creating noizes unknown to mankind. NYJosh/EarFuzz makes sound that few can understand being creative, complex & artsy. He startedhis musical career in mid-2006 at house parties and events in Grand Rapids, MN. In late 2007, NYJosh/EarFuzz decided music was not enough, so he started investing in lighting and sound. Moving to St. Cloud, MN to further pursue his dream, NYJosh/EarFuzz started doing fire spinning and glowsticking shows for St. Benedict’s University, local clubs, and other venues. By 2008-2009, Josh had over 100 shows under his belt in the underground scene. In October of 2009, Josh finally made his way to Minneapolis, MN and that’s when his career launched as a DJ/VJ. Hitting the scene for the first time at the New Years Eve Rave 2010 at the Rogers Skate Park, his name finally hit the mainstream crowd. Josh has shown tremendous effort and talent that briefly went unnoticed by many but, his energy, style, and music have now caught the attention of people in state and out. On December16th, 2011 NYJosh/EarFuzz debuted on “The Sounds Of Now” 91.5 FM WRPI Troy, New York’s upstate Underground Radio station. As part of the EDM scene since he was fourteen, NYJosh/EarFuzz has over fourteen years in the music realm. If you’re looking for for a DJ who has a great feel for crowds, high energy, outgoing personality, and is easy to work with, he’s your guy. You will NOT be disappointed. When he hits the stage you better get your mind right because you’re going on a musical journey like never before!!! Come check him out anytime you see his name on a flyer; you’re sure to be impressed with his quick cuts, smooth blends, and artistic style of mixing that make you never want to look away.
<<>>(Hard Electro, Psygressive, Prog, Bassline, Thrash, Fidget, Complextro, Tech, Funk, Weird & Live)
http://soundcloud.com/mnraverkid http://www.soundcloud.com/nyjosh http://www.soundcloud.com/nyjosh-hard-noizes https://www.facebook.com/DJNYJOSH

***Dark Jesus***
SISTER KICKING, HAIR SPINNING, NIGGA SLAPPIN’ HONKYTONK IS ALL YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW! If you haven’t heard this name before… trust me come check him out and you’ll be hooked.
(Everything that makes noise)


***JohnnyForeplay VS Kyle Powers***
Taking huge influence from his previous expeditions in music as “The Gabber Jihad,” Jack “Johnny Foreplay” brings about a heavy-hitting darkside to the world of Dubstep. Inside his mixing you’ll hear touches of Hardcore Gabber, Dark Psytrance, IDM, and a multitude of other sonic components all blended together to create a neo-futuristic dark and heavy atmosphere.
Much of Jack’s creative spark while producing and DJing comes from his innate ability to mentally represent sounds as having particular shapes and sizes, a condition known as Synaesthesia. This odd take on music is used to send users on an adventure through various worlds whose textures and contours are shaped by harmony and rhythm.
Jack was also previously a co-owner of the Minneapolis based rave production team Rapid Pulse Productions which was started by DJ Oblivi0n (Cloud), himself, and a couple of their friends. Rapid Pulse has been responsible for some of MNs greatest all night parties and many club events as well. The crew has also had an amazing DJ roster over the years and helped some of MNs younger names out in their beginnings. Vaski, Oblivion, Lucy Luxe of Dirty Talk, and Martyrs are some of those people. Along with that he has also shared the stage with acts like Bare, Broken Note, Deadly Buda, Dieselboy, Mumblz, NiTGriT, Smash Gordon, and Spree.
A live set from Jack is not one to be missed. As one friend put it he “brings enough energy to the decks to knock down a skyscraper.” Combining ridiculous stage presence with technical and harmonic mixing is where he has gained most of his recognition. He has also been mixing and producing for over 8 years now making him a surefire bet if you want to book an experienced and talented yet up and coming DJ. ( Dubstep, Neurofunk, Wobbles & Greatness to your ears)
***Kyle Power***
Known for being the best idiot around and constant prostate milking Kyle can make anyones jaw drop from all the wonderful girlstep and wobbles. While fistpumping & boiling soup he likes to swerve into things chanting, chants. Many believe he has no idea who he is… NO ONE DOES which is why youll want to come see him fist everything in sight!!!

***Litch/SubTrash VS Toxic Coon***
In the past LITCH has gone my many different aliases such as the Gifted Toddler and Bass Head Brian but in the end is still just LITCH. He plays a variety of genres but is known for his high energy electro and bassline sets. He has made a name for himself in the Minneapolis EDM scene and continues to grow as an up-and-coming DJ. Expect nothing but filthy electro and basslines that will make you cream your pants.
***Toxic Coon***
The city coon is on the loose with his own sister trailing behind… shes always screaming like an uneducated doctor working on someone elses brain. Big Head Coon Playing Big Head Akbars!!!


My name is Branden Brink moved to the TC area in August of 2010 coming from the small town of Grand Rapids Minnesota. Having no idea what the movement of electronic dance music was all about I attended the Institute of Production and Recording in October 2010. My roommates started throwing parties and I soon met a producer and current student at school named Will Ham who played progressive and Trance. Watching him DJ inspired me to learn this trade, everyone would stand around him not knowing what he was doing he would play for 5 to 6 hours straight without stopping. Immediately within the next few weeks I gained equipment and practice practice practiced. My very First show was in Decemeber of 2011 a year after practicing in my bedroom self teaching myself and Djing along side Mad Hatter he would give me tips for my mixes it is now February 2013 and my fan base has been growing I have already played Festivals and countless amounts of shows along with my by weekly podcast that I have started including local Minneapolis and TC area Djs now after the summer of 2013 I have discovered a new love for psytrance it the one genre of EDM I have fallen in love with most and i’m very excited to explore the opportunities and cultures surrounding these beautiful sounds.


***Lady Sparx***
Lady Sparx has been in the Minneapolis EDM scene for over 10 years. She touched a turntable at a house party that changed her life and DJing has become her passion ever since. She has DJ’d at raves, clubs and everywhere in between. Her heart belongs to house music, yet her ability to rock the decks in any genre has well been established. From happy hardcore to dubstep, she has proven herself to be one diverse DJ. Her stage presence is one not to be matched; to see her DJ is a unique experience.

In the fall of 2009, she met AT8 and Drewbinski, and soon after became a member of the Savage Beats family. She currently plays Electro, Drum n Bass and DubStep, and her tracks always have one word to describe them: SEXY.

To keep up with her latest news, gigs and mixes visit her on Lady Sparx’ Fan Page.

***Speshul K***
Ladies love him. Men revere him. But who is he?

He’s just a guy.

Speshul K played his first shows in Winona circa 2004. Back then he used the default settings on a DJX-10 keyboard and rapped over them. But then he played a show with Karrot where — in a sugar high — he chopped up his DJX-10 with an ax. In the wake of this unfortunate incident, Speshul K was forced to make his own music. To this day, Speshul K is the sole composer of his beats, which he makes on a software application called FL Studio.

In a moment of illumination, Speshul K realized that axioms are subjective and that he would look really smashing in a pink bathrobe. So he went and got one from Macy’s which he has worn to many shows since. Many women have shown their appreciation of this fashion choice by rubbing their boobs all over the bathrobe. Speshul K has removed his bathrobe on occasion to show off his super hot body, but unfortunately that gets girls really wet and venues are wary of drunk people slipping and hurting themselves from all the wetness on the floor.

Inspired by the idea of hoarding money, Speshul K has kept his shows very low-budget. He plays his beats out of a Discman or an iPod most of the time. Sound guys like him because he is easy to set up. Speshul K likes sound guys if he can hear himself on the monitor.

Speshul K migrates between Winona and Minneapolis putting on shows for enthusiastic drunk people. He has made all kinds of friends along the way. He has played at bars, coffee shops, art galleries and a fashion show.

Speshul K believes that obscurity is very important for artists, because it allows them much more freedom than if they are successful. The best and most raw art is not market-tested and is not driven by media expectations or the need to sell x number of CDs. Art is a journey for which there can be no maps, for which maps are blasphemy; for in the process of this journey one must both lose onesself and find onesself navigating along the contours of one’s own ingenuity. Speshul K wears a pink hat.

Speshul K makes a new kind of music called hip-hopk. Hip-hopk is sort of like hip-hop, only it is multiplied by k, which is an equilibrium constant.

Speshul K has played shows with Billy B, Alicia Leafgreen, Maudlin, Mark Mallman, Wake Up Bedhead, Schaffer the Darklord, Vampire Hands, First Communion Afterparty, Bird Sounds, Thumbelina and the Tangerine Fists of Justice, Izzy Dunfore, Cronkite Satellite, Apartment 4, Hydrogen 21, Ah Venice!, peoplearemagnets, The Nancy Drew Crew, Canswer, Straight to Your Brain, Unicorn Basement, Master/Slave, Valhalla Drive, Holy Sockets, and many more talented performers.

Speshul K can be heard on the soundtrack to “The Illegal Use of Joe Zopp,” a low-budget film from Wisconsin which is now available on Netflix.

Speshul K wrote a screenplay about his adventures with Billy B, which can be viewed in part on his myspace page.

Speshul K is currently working on putting together a studio album entitled “Apocalypse in Pink.”


IDK what more you can ask for with a turbocharged line up like this Istead of 20$ You help us, we help you it ONLY 5$ So come out and experience TRUE Uderground EDM like never before

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