Sisterkick & Grandma Slam Your Family… Tooodle Loot! 12-14-13

Heller WeIrDos of the underground!!! On this night were taking ear pain, epidermis streching, hair pulling and fart smells to a new level! Give yourself a wet willy and swing your dirty diaper around like at a rock concert listening to Paris Hilton… Skin yourself alive or even pick an apple for fun IDC what you do to bring out the “AWK’ DUn DuN DUN!!! If you’re idiot for music and off the wall rage well… you’ll be coming to the right place!!! We have an awesome line up and barf bags laying all around to throw at ya later… We’ll all hold hands and paint our sorrows away… Run down the street with your shoe laces untied and you’ll go REALLY far in spirit form before clappin’ yo noggin’ of da CeMent (Crosses His Eyes— JIMMY flip your SUZIN!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH Ok MOM!!!) Rabbits are BS and have no substance for human life if ever starving… you die a long death with no food so EAT & swing your sister around from her ponytails and bash thick bottles off your uncles head for enjoyment!Do you have a RANK uterus lining ? Then drink a Mt Dew, FLOP around and make sure you take enough exlax to last the night!!! MORE DETAILS TBA!!! BIOS SOON!!!
++++++Ghosteater VS Ky-ill HasSuper Powers (8-10)++++++
<<>> has some strange to tame. Straight from the depths of Minneapolis it has come to borrow your inputs and push your sensory to the absolute limit. Surrender yourself to the bass music and join us on the other side so you may experience the perspectives you’re only just discovering. This is only just beginning.
<<>> is not in fact a Kyle at all “ITS” name is Kylette Packard Vagner Foreplay – Always dumpster diving, playing tennis and walkin’ like his salt shaker don’t move right this ” THING” sucks at LITERALLY everything “IT” does. No matter how hard you force him into the fields to drain cow utters or lay with his own family members… this little pocket rocket really know how to hit the florr in despite with a migraine only morons can handle…. why he’s still with us today sooooooooo………. come on down and show him ASS (Donkey crys into the moonlight softly with his ear lowered & tail in the air)
Since 1995 HAVOK has been investing in his raw ability to create seamless soundtracks for people to Jack, Skank and Pop their bodies to. In the past HAVOK has flown as far as Hawaii and Central Mexico to Dj at events of up to 30,000 people. Recently HAVOK relocated to Minneapolis where has been performing regularly with international artists and major headliners. Most recently he has shared the stages with artists including: Glitch Mob, 12th Planet, Datsik, Terravita, Xkore, Getter, Bar9, Mt. Eden, Rusko, Dj Muggs, Vaski, Paper Diamond, Excision, BARE, CRNKN, BUKU, World Class Art Thieves, Protohype, Funtcase and 40 oz Profits. 2013 has been a great year full of sold out shows and headlining festivals across the country. HAVOK’s unique techniques behind the turntables never fail to leave a sweaty, speechless dance floor in their wake wherever he goes. His sets blur lines between genres and often encompass a full range of BPMs as he creates a journey for his listeners through deft track selection and supreme mixing skills. Catch HAVOK on the decks and lose it completely as he mixes, matches and scratches some of the most delicious bass music and insanely tough beats the world has to offer. Add him on Facebook: Download his free dj mixes on soundcloud:

+++++++++++++++Bass Violator(11-12)++++++++++++++
bio Hailing from a galactic cluster in a solar system known as The Mixer, Bass Violator is on a soul mission to restore order to that very mixer. Not bound by rules or linear time, he embarks on a journey of a lifetime with his right hand man Free Drugs, to find the origins of sound. With an organized team of off the grid musicians losely operating under the handle N.O.X.Y ENTERTAINMENT, he brings you only the best, futuristic, unpredictable and unforgettable homegrown sounds. Wanted at all costs by THE ENGINEERS, he operates within the shadows. Tactically planning every note, hit, sound, chord and song, you can only expect one thing from this BASS ASSASIN. To get VIOLATED!

+++++++++++Caustic Vs Sinuous(12-2)+++++++++++++
If you don’t know who these guys are you’re in for a treat!!! Watching these two is what made me become an artist. Bringing new, off the wall, energetic crazy and mixing skillz that few possess… you’ll know what a TRUE DJ is when you see this performance. Caustic is here from Flordia guys so come show the love!!! Gave em 2 hours to show yall whats up 🙂 (NYJosh)
Syncopated Productions, Grime LAb
Amore Cow, Ninja Radio
Los Angeles, CA, Minneapolis, MN
DJ SinuouS of Los Angeles, CA has been dropping cuts to make the dance floor jump for over a decade.
His signature funky, bass heavy beats, make your soul groove and your feet move. Owner and front man of Syncopated Productions, and music maker at the Grime LAb, has made himself a staple in the EDM scene as a DJ and Promoter. Having residencies at G3 lounge San Francisco, 411 Club San Francisco, 1015 San Francisco, Ocean club Minneapolis, and owner operator of the 3rd floor Minneapolis to name a few. Hosting events such as “Rise”, “Reunion of distortion”, “Friday night fever”, “Moist”, and “Sound Sessions”. Keep your ears ready for the release of his digital record label “Amore Cow”.
>>>Caustic<<< Undeniably one of the best Electro House DJ’s in the Twin Cities, Caustic is like a beat-seeking missile, homing in on all the funky, groovy, grimy and dubby sounds you love to hear. When asked about what makes his performances sound so distinctive he says: “I am really excited by classic EDM sounds and grooves that have been twisted in a new way. While I will always hold true to the 4/4 house beat, I refuse to segregate my sets into strictly one genre or another. I take what works and build on it, always looking for a way keep a connection to the past while fully embracing the sounds of the future.” Love him or hate him, you cant help but be captured by the energy and intensity of Caustic’s sets and stage presence. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++DJ RYPE(2-3)++++++++++++++++ (Hardstyle) Resident of Hard Dance Nation, founder of Hard Dance Minnesota and Co-founder of SixOne2 Entertainment. This guy is in no way new to the Electronic Dance Music scene he has been playing out since 1997. Dj Rypes energetic and flawless compilations have landed him a spot among the nations hard dance elite. His very impressive career has found him playing along side such huge acts as Headhunterz, Angerfist, D-Block, & S-Te-Fan, DJ Isaac, Max Enforcer, Evil Activities, Satronica, Delta 9, Frankie Bones, DJ Brisk, Donald Gloude, Venom, Meatrik, Alex Calver, Matt K., DRC, and many others. Only anticipate more great things coming out of this Hard Hitting DJ. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++Loom In Essance(3-4)++++++++++++++ Loom In Essence makes music for body gyration and thought stimulation, while offering a fresh and unique sound to Electronic Music. With captivating arrangements, memorable melodies, bass lines that make you bounce, interstellar sounds, and razor sharp productions, there's something for music lovers of all genres. By weaving the digital blaps, dirty bass lines, and driving beats from Glitch-Hop with mind-bending textures and experimental sound design, each set gives you a vast spectrum of soundscapes to explore. Armed with an APC40 customized MIDI controller and electric guitar, his live shows offer a variety of improvisation, live edits and remixes, as well as a large and highly dangerous arsenal of live glitching effects - meaning each show is unique. Further, longtime friend and drummer, Kelly Cook, provides pocket-tight grooves and fresh organic energy to the shows when making his special appearances. Whether it's a dirty bass track to get you stomping around or an ethereal, deep groove after the madness, the sounds will tickle your ears the right way. Loom In Essence has had the opportunity to share the stage with national and international touring artists such as Tipper, Pretty Lights, Eskmo, EOTO, Bonobo, Ott, Excision, Liquid Stranger, Bluetech, Beats Antique, ill.Gates, Mr. Bill, Freddy Todd, Phutureprimitive, and the list keeps growing along with the fans that follow. "Most importantly, it's an honor to share the music with YOU, the listener!! Thank you all for the love and support, it means the world and I'll see you at the next show!" -Aaron Booking Contact: Aaron Bjerke - Show Less Loom In Essence (((d(~_~)b))) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ +++++++++++++Darwin Theory(4-5)+++++++++++++++ Darwin Theory has been mixing beats for years, but mainly for his own personal use until recently. Beginning with a trip to The Quest in Minneapolis to see Fatboy Slim the summer after graduating high school and expecting to see a guy up on stage with possibly a band behind him playing Rockafeller Skank, he was blown away to see a circular stage in the middle of the dance floor that rotated and a guy spinning records on turntables. After that, the rest was history. He took in as many shows as he could and started playing around with computer software that allowed him to mix songs together. Slowly, but surely he has honed his skills into what you hear today... A DJ that holds no boundaries when it comes to his style and selection of music. His sets contain a little something for everybody. Whether it's a mix of multiple genres or he drops in that pop song everyone knows over the top of a sick beat, you never know what to expect and always need to expect the unexpected! Currently holding a residency at Biology 701 in St Cloud, MN as well as being one of the co-founders of the new promotions group/DJ collective Audiollusions and throwing parties in between, he is a busy man on the rise. So grab your dancing shoes and come on out to a show! He's ready to make everyone move! Come experience the evolution that is... Darwin Theory! <<< OR>>>

+++++++++ Jack JohnnyForeplay Denney(5-6)+++++++++
Taking huge influence from his previous expeditions in music as “The Gabber Jihad,” Johnny Foreplay brings about a heavy-hitting darkside to the world of Dubstep. Inside his mixing you’ll hear touches of Hardcore Gabber, Dark Psytrance, IDM, and a multitude of other sonic components all blended together to create a neo-futuristic dark and heavy atmosphere.

Much of Foreplay’s creative spark while producing and DJing comes from his innate ability to mentally represent sounds as having particular shapes and sizes, a condition known as Synaesthesia. This odd take on music is used to send users on an adventure through various worlds whose textures and contours are shaped by harmony and rhythm.

Johnny was also the co-owner of the Minneapolis based rave production team Rapid Pulse Productions which was started by DJ Oblivi0n, himself, and a couple of their friends. Rapid Pulse has been responsible for some of MNs greatest all night parties and many club events as well. The crew has also had an amazing DJ roster over the years and helped some of MNs younger names out in their beginnings. Vaski, Oblivion, Lucy Luxe of Dirty Talk, and Martyrs are some of those people. Along with that he has also shared the stage with acts like Bare, Broken Note, Deadly Buda, Dieselboy, Mumblz, NiTGriT, Numbernin6, Smash Gordon, and Spree.


A live set from Foreplay is not one to be missed. As one friend put it he “brings enough energy to the decks to knock down a skyscraper.” Combining ridiculous stage presence with technical and harmonic mixing is where he has gained most of his recognition. He has also been mixing and producing for over 8 years now making him a surefire bet if you want to book an experienced and talented yet up and coming DJ.
Band Interests
Theoretical physics, trans-humanism, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics, debate, girls girls girls, PC gaming, FL Studio, StumbleUpon, and lots of pr0n.
Artists We Also Like
16bit/Broken Note, Culprate, Current Value, Datsik, DZK, Excision, Funtcase, Futuristic Sex Robots, Infected Mushroom, KOAN Sound, Liquid Stranger, Megalodon, Mu-Ziq, Numbernin6, Ophidian, Spor, Squarepusher, The Flashbulb, Vaski
—————-Progressive Music 138+BPM (6-?)———————

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