Harsh Decisions 3-14-14

Have you ever wanted to skin yourself or maybe put hott, BOILING drops of motor oil in your eyes? Have you ever made a decision so tainted, so beautiful but, in the end you get fecal matter thrown into your body?.!@#$ IDK just throw your hands up like you’re under arrest, swing your diaper around & sing opera songs to your loved ones while standing in front of AWESOME….. Jab your butt cheeks, cry us a river and come check out WTFack kind of night this will be!!! Bringing some of the best artists MPLS has to offer along with turbo sound, LASERS TO THE FACE, steller visuals & a vibe that welcomes our regs as well loves to meet new people!!! So put your stink on the sink and splash your bottom like you own a beday! Twist your nips, slap your hips Buffalo BILL… is the way to go. I splash, I fart, I tweet in your ear while smiling… Can’t wait to see you guys and bash our faces off the speakers together Toooooodel loooooooo ?

BRING SUN GLASSES!!! 15+ Lasers, LED Walls, PSYTRANCE deco, Projctors GAHHHHHHHH my big dumb mouth screaming BARFLY 😀
++++++++++NOW THE SERIOUS STUFF+++++++++++++

1. This is NOT YOUR house so respect it like it’s your Grandmas house or someone you respect and if you don’t respect anyone in your life then take a hike… you’re NOT welcome and will be thrown out if you bring that vibe here.

2.WE DON’T PUT UP WITH ANY BS. If you in a pissy mood or having a fight with your BF/GF keep it at home or NOT HERE. We do this so we can have fun, drop awesome talent and give yall an experience NOT a damn boxing ring or DR Phil show.


4. 18+ If you are still in high school or can’t but ciggs… this is not for you and I’m sure your mom or dad is looking for you so plz go home.

5. If you see shady/random people, fights or any weird stuff that isn’t the norm… Tell us immediately it will be dealt with.

6. DON’T DROP ANYTHING IN THE TOILETS PLEASE GOSH DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8. There is a 5$ door fee to cover everything.

9.HAVE FUN YALL, GET WEIRD, MEET NEW PEOPLE, Expect the unexpected and tune your ears for a musical journey!!! BAM!!!


*********************LINE UP*************************

Undeniably one of the best electro house DJ’s in the Twin Cities, Caustic is like a beat-seeking missile, homing in on all the funky, groovy, grimy and dubby sounds you love to hear. When asked about what makes his performances sound so distinctive he says: “I am really excited by classic EDM sounds and grooves that have been twisted in a new way. While I will always hold true to the 4/4 house beat, I refuse to segregate my sets into strictly one genre or another. I take what works and build on it, always looking for a way keep a connection to the past while fully embracing the sounds of the future.” Love him or hate him, you cant help but be captured by the energy and intensity of Caustic’s sets and stage presence.

Syncopated Productions, Grime LAb
Amore Cow, Ninja Radio
Los Angeles, CA, Minneapolis, MN

DJ SinuouS of Los Angeles, CA has been dropping cuts to make the dance floor jump for over a decade.
His signature funky, bass heavy beats, make your soul groove and your feet move. Owner and front man of Syncopated Productions, and music maker at the Grime LAb, has made himself a staple in the EDM scene as a DJ and Promoter. Having residencies at G3 lounge San Francisco, 411 Club San Francisco, 1015 San Francisco, Ocean club Minneapolis, and owner operator of the 3rd floor Minneapolis to name a few. Hosting events such as “Rise”, “Reunion of distortion”, “Friday night fever”, “Moist”, and “Sound Sessions”. Keep your ears ready for the release of his digital record label “Amore Cow”.

NYJosh/EarFuzz is one of the leading rare DJ’s spinning & Reppin’ Hard Electro/Thrash44/Psytrance/Bassline/IDM & Weird by twisting sawbass and incorporating the sounds of Psytrance creating noizes unknown to mankind.This man knows how tune your ear drums for an musical escape that has been capturing & cultivating the Minneapolis scene for years. Striving to bring in new styles, underground sound & straight off the wall events NYJosh/EarFuzz makes sound that few can understand by being creative, complex & artsy. He started his musical career in mid-2006 at house parties and events in Grand Rapids, MN. In late 2007, NYJosh/EarFuzz decided music was not enough, so he started investing in lighting and sound. Moving to St. Cloud, MN to further pursue his dream, NYJosh/EarFuzz started doing fire spinning and glowsticking shows for St. Benedict’s University, local clubs, and other venues. By 2008-2009, Josh had over 100 shows under his belt in the underground scene. In October of 2009, Josh finally made his way to Minneapolis, MN and that’s when his career launched as a DJ/VJ. Hitting the scene for the first time at the New Years Eve Rave 2010 at the Rogers Skate Park, his name finally dropped in mainstream crowd. NYJosh has shown tremendous effort and talent that briefly went unnoticed by many but, his energy, style, and music have now caught the attention of people in state and out. In December, 2011 NYJosh/EarFuzz debuted on “The Sounds Of Now” 91.5 FM WRPI Troy, New York’s upstate Underground Radio station. As part of the EDM scene since he was fourteen, NYJosh/EarFuzz has over fourteen years in the music realm. In recent news Josh has joined forces with Jon Isaac Huset(DJSTROBELIFE) Cory Williams(AISU) & SomeDude(Friendly Lies) creating https://www.facebook.com/DiffractionMN hosting weekly events @ Mirage Nightclub Check out what we’re all about & like our page.If you’re looking for for a DJ who has a great feel for crowds, high energy, outgoing personality, and is easy to work with, he’s your guy. You will NOT be disappointed. When he hits the stage you better get your mind right because you’re going on a musical journey like never before. Come check him out anytime you see his name on a flyer; you’re sure to be impressed with his quick cuts, smooth blends, and artistic style of mixing that make you never want to look away. Guarantee you’ll want him back.

Music Producer at Noise Complaint Records, CO./Dj/Event Planner at High Frequency Productions and DJ at Rapid Pulse. This 22 year old DJ grew up in NE Minneapolis until High School. He then migrated North to a town called Coon Rapids, it is here that our young hero was introduced into electronic music. Benny Benassi, Scooter, DJ Dean, slowly he fell in love with the beats. What happened next was sure to change his life forever. A young man by the name of James hosted a show named Arctic Pulse in his mothers house. This would be the event to set the tone for years to come! This guy knows how to get the crowds moving by drooping rage and performing like no other around! Check him out and see for yourself 🙂

I’m a reggin from the back country. I was born to a widow who was engaged to my brother. One day I heard woodchuck chucking it’s wood in the woods and BAM!!! Niggy… A BLACK BEAR came riding my brother and with the dew glistening in the grass @ 4am… I thought… I must converge with the sounds and B A DJ a… a… DJ Yeah ? Like totally now here I am &…… Yeah Like totally a raver… Like… Yeah ? PLUR Everyone 😀 PLUR to you, to me ? 2 PLUR!!! Stooooooooooooopid says Sam… < I know? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Michelle Muse has been active in the dance music community in Minneapolis for nearly 2 decades. Starting with organizing underground parties and talent promotion as Ecstatic Music in 1995 and moving onto satisfying an obsession with drum machines and turntables. A few years spent in San Francisco helped to develop her smooth mixing skills and her signature sexy, groove. This girl has got style! Always funky, deep and heady, whether she’s playing tech house or D&B.


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