SW!TCH THURSDAY: 612EarDamage- Bar Fly- 3/12/15

Thursday March 12th, 2015
Bar Fly Minneapolis & Skyway Theatre present….
SW!TICH: 612EarDamage

Tonight for the first time in a long time we are going to be hitting straight 4 on the floor, rage mode, head banging music to spice things up a bit!!! This Switch we are bringing in the best Hard Electro/Thrash/Bassline/Fidget/SawBass/Fistpumping/ Off the wall artists that bring a show just with their stage presence!!! We are going to keep things goovin’ with tunes only heard in the underground realm so strap in, donkey kick a barn and get ready for a ride… your ears will properly be satisfied with the 612EarDamage!!!

P.S. Don’t forget to bring the cameras… you are in store for the best laser show the Midwest has to offer & you do NOT want to miss out on this experience!

Tell your friends! Add everyone you know! You will not be disappointed!

Main Room :

Los Angeles CA, Minneapolis MN.
SinuouS has been dropping cuts to make the dance floor jump for over a decade.
His funky, bass heavy beats, make your soul groove and your feet move.
Owner and front man of Syncopated Productions, and music maker at the Grime LAb, has made himself a staple in the EDM scene as a DJ and Promoter.
Having residencies at G3 lounge San Francisco, 411 Club San Francisco, 1015 San Francisco, Ocean club Minneapolis, and owner operator of the 3rd floor Minneapolis to name a few.
Hosting events such as “Rise”, “Reunion of distortion”, “Friday night fever”, “Moist”, and “Sound Sessions”.
“Music is what you make it.”

EarFuzz is one of the leading rare DJ’s spinning & Reppin’ Hard Electro/Thrash44/Psytrance/Bassline/IDM & Weird by twisting sawbass and incorporating the sounds of Psytrance creating noizes unknown to mankind.This man knows how tune your ear drums for an musical escape that has been capturing & cultivating the Minneapolis scene for years. Striving to bring in new styles, underground sound & straight off the wall events NYJosh/EarFuzz makes sound that few can understand by being creative, complex & artsy.

Michelle Muse>
Michelle Muse has been active in the dance music community in Minneapolis for nearly 2 decades. Starting with organizing underground parties and talent promotion as Ecstatic Music in 1995 and moving onto satisfying an obsession with drum machines and turntables. A few years spent in San Francisco helped to develop her smooth mixing skills and her signature sexy, groove. This girl has got style! Always funky, deep and heady, whether she’s playing tech house or D&B.

What started as a habit of fiddling’ with music, has grown into a full on passion for Mixing.

AHmySH, Pronounced (Eh-Mish) takes tunes and graciously glides them together.
Finding how songs and their feelings tie together.

Common ground, Common love. I am Barfly.

Endangered Poets >
https://soundcloud.com/endangeredpoets Just listen to what they have to say. (Live Performance)

Front Room :

Doors @9pm
$7 18+
$5 21+
**2 FOR 1’s till 11pm**

Bar Fly Minneapolis
711 Hennepin Ave
Downtown MPLS

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