People Of Earth! :o)

Just a reminder to everyone.

We try to keep things as maintained and safe as we can, for everyone who participates you know nice people no drama. I think that is part of what makes it fun for all of us.

I don’t ask for donations (unless its a posted event), I just want to remind everyone to be as honest and real as possable when attending.

Everyone has a great time when everyone treats one and other with respect, if not that at least tolerance.

I personaly want to thank everyone who comes out and supports our "melting pot" of the twin cites music scene. You all make it what it is. I also want to thank the other Minnesota Production companys that bring musicians in, for all of our listening pleasure. *Thanks*

I invite those who haven’t, to come on out and experience some good music and good people.

Thanks again everyone, for everything.

Joshua Rae

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