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Harsh Decisions 3-14-14

Have you ever wanted to skin yourself or maybe put hott, BOILING drops of motor oil in your eyes? Have you ever made a decision so tainted, so beautiful but, in the end you get fecal matter thrown into your body?.!@#$ IDK just throw your hands up like you’re under arrest, swing your diaper around […]

Kataklyzm Production Presents: VINYL VS CDJ’s 7-12 13

Another VFW event! If you havent been there yet you’re missing out! We have cheap drinks and these bartenders make the drinks strong. So none of that watered down bullshit. We have 2 stages of music, one vinyl, one cdjs and free food and water! Back door is used for the smoking area and free […]


Join the fun and float down the Chippewa River. Loopy’s will have food and entertainment all day, along with tube rentals. We will be making rafts that we’ll tie together and party down the river. A large raft for the DJs to spin on, a V.I.P. raft with bar, multiple rafts to party on, even […]

Mojo 12.28.12 PRE NYE PARTY!

Details. Details. Details. Legion of Boom & HDN Proudly present: Mojo: Voted the 2nd best dance party in the cities by VitaMN is giving you a blowout end of the year bash with a kick in the ass to keep you partying all effing weekend long. It’s the NYE Weekend. Everyone is getting ready for […]